The World’s Foremost Heavy Horse & Mule Publication
The World’s Foremost Heavy Horse & Mule Publication
The World’s Foremost
Heavy Horse & Mule Publication

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The Draft Horse Journal is a quarterly publication that serves as a central clearinghouse for buyers and sellers and prides itself on possessing the largest, most comprehensive base of advertisers related to heavy horses and mules anywhere, anytime. If you can’t find it in The Journal, chances are you don’t need it. If you’re into heavy horses, there’s no better value for your advertising dollar.

Though most content pertains to North America, The Journal also occasionally includes features from overseas, import and export news, tours, etc. The Draft Horse Journal has been keeping horse people united, informed, educated, entertained and interested since 1964. The industry will, no doubt, continue to evolve and you can count on The Journal to be there to record it... and evolve right along with it. If you work, breed, exhibit, pull, log, trade or simply admire heavy horses, The Journal should be coming to your mail box.

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