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How often has it been said, nothing succeeds like success. The recent 2S Clydesdale Dispersal Sale, held in Howe, Indiana, on October 26 and 27, was a success–a roaring success. It brought German and Scottish breeders of note, Canadian breeders from five provinces and American Clydesdale breeders from coast-to-coast ring-side. A stellar event, the 2S Clydesdale Dispersal Sale should quiet today's horsemen who preach doom and gloom. The enthusiastic horsemen who attended the 2S Clydesdale

Dispersal Sale arrived with one purpose in mind: To capitalize on the wealth of Clydesdale genetics Pat McMahen offered breeders throughout the Clydesdale world.

Pat McMahen joins two other American women, whose legacy of proven genetics did much to further their chosen breeds.

Matilda Dodge Wilson, Meadow Brook Farms of Howell, Michigan, was an architect. She fashioned the Meadow Brook Belgians of Progress. Today, the Belgian breed in North America is built on her stellar achievements. She was a generous lady. Her commitment to the Belgian breed's progress was only surpassed by her love of a Belgian horse.

Victoria Dreyfus, Madrey Farm at Brewster, New York, was a leader. The Percheron females she gathered as foundation stock for her breeding program included the breed's most noted broodmares. She rocked the Percheron community, when Koncarcalyps, then a 15-year-old sire, was purchased for a lofty 1937 figure. Elected to the Board of Directors of the Percheron Horse Association of America, Victoria Dreyfus was the first woman to occupy this office. (Incidentally, three of the fairer sex now sit on the American Percheron Board!)

Matilda Dodge Wilson, Victoria Dreyfus and Pat McMahen were benefactors of the Belgian, Percheron and Clydesdale breeds. Courageous ladies, who were always positive, they never questioned their chosen breed's future. Whatever the market, these ladies soldiered on. Their names will resonate in breed circles when the name horses they bred and owned surface in conversation.

Belgian breeders honour Matilda Dodge Wilson when Conqueror, Conquest and Firestone enter a conversation; Percheron breeders honour Victoria Dreyfus when Koncarcalyps, Carnona IV's Hope and Koncarhope are mentioned; while Clydesdale breeders will honour Pat McMahen, when Cocklaw Valetta, 2S Explorer's Intrepid and 2S Omega's Elegant Encore are fondly recalled.

These ladies were no shrinking violets. They weathered each storm they faced; they celebrated each success they achieved; they never lost faith in the Belgians, Percherons and Clydesdales they championed and loved. Gracious ladies, their eyes were focused on the future as they honoured the past.

At least this is how I see it!

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